What can I say, I want to do it all.  I love to cook and craft and read and doing all the things and I want to share that joy with everyone. I am a thirty-something career oriented mom, always even more motivated when people say “just wait until [insert action] and you just won’t have time anymore” because I love to prove them wrong.  If you have a love for something, you find time to make it work.  I love to wake up and write down motivational quotes to remind myself that I can redefine domesticated.  It no longer means I have to stay at home wearing a flowery apron and have dinner on the table the second my husband comes home (although he is pretty lucky that I do have dinner ready most nights for him).

I view this site as an evolving piece of me, I would love to hear what you would like to see from this and see if I can help.  I may not have a lot of focus, I may cover lots of different topics but that is me!  Welcome to my world, enjoy the ride!

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