Color Street Nails

I kept seeing all these cool designs that people were doing with Color Street nails but I just don’t feel like I am that talented but I figured I would give it a try! I used Austin-tacious, Made in Milan and Charleston Blush. Just to make sure the tips stayed on, I covered it with Clear as Day.

I used the tiny strips at the very end that never fit any of my fingers to make the thin strips on top and I cut them before peeling the tops and bottom off but they went on easily without any problems. I was even able to lift it and shift it until it was straight! Then I took a 1 inch craft punch and used the largest strip to create the 4 Austin-tacious tips on my pinkies and thumbs! I couldn’t believe how easy and cute it was!

Want to give it a try yourself? Check out my shopping link at or look up Meg’s Magical Manicures group on Facebook!

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