My husband loves Taco Pizza and we haven’t found a pizza place around that has a great one so I figured I would make my own individual pizzas using leftovers! The night before we had taco night and I made extra beef and refried beans figuring later in the week we would have this. Well it just so happened I got stuck in meetings late and had about 15 minutes to throw something together.

I started with frozen Naan, these are great because you toss them in the oven for 3 minutes and they are so soft and fluffy! I get the ones with extra garlic, because, well, it’s garlic!

I then spray a cookie sheet lined with foil with cooking spray and place the naans on it, heating it for about 3 minutes (follow the directions on whichever you buy). After you pull it out of the oven, change the setting to Broil and make sure you have a rack on the top third.

I then spread some refried beans (I use low fat, fat free or vegitarian so that I don’t get the ones with lard) and spread that on each of the naan, added my cold leftover taco meat, some pico de gallo that I buy from my store (you can use salsa or whatever toppings you like) and shredded cheese on top.

Here is the tricky part, you are going to put it under the broiler and it only needs a few minutes. DON’T LEAVE IT! Watch it like a hawk, I have set so many nachos on fire (who knew tortilla chips were flammable) because I walked away. You may need to rotate the pan but basically you are just melting the cheese which only takes a couple minutes. Pull it out and you have a whole new meal with leftovers!

Other ideas?

  • Leftover shredded chicken with barbecue sauce and cheddar cheese
  • Leftover chicken with pesto and mozzarella
  • Vegetarian night? Marinara, Mozzarella and basil
  • Deli roast beef chopped with leftover fajita veggies and Monterrey jack cheese
  • BBQ pork pizzas

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