Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker: Kitchen Gadget Review


I’ll admit it, I am one of those pool souls who just can’t walk away from Amazon’s Prime Day!!  I just can’t help myself and all those goodies out there that I had been eyeing for months are finally coming home in a splurge shopping spree.  I mean come on, who can’t say they don’t love a good McDonald’s breakfast sandwich, grease running down your chin as you guilty inhale this nugget of love.  I have tried making my own but it takes so freaking long to make all the eggs and all the bacon and all the components and put them together, too many dishes if you ask me.

With that said, I joined weight watchers a couple months ago and am doing pretty well so McDonald’s just doesn’t seem to be a desire for me right now.  I still want my breakfast treats but I struggle going out to breakfast because so many places have hidden crap in their food that I can’t account for.  Did you know that a lot of breakfast joints will put pancake mix in their omelets to make them more fluffy???  So I do prefer to make my own food, I know what I put in it, it is also cheaper and I can make them in mass quantities for the week.

I have done a few test runs with this little baby and here is what I found.  If you do your classic English muffin, cheese, Canadian bacon/bacon and egg, it’s perfect.  I even use the light English muffins, reduced fat cheese and I still feel like I am eating a breakfast delicacy.  The trick is that it has non stick surfaces so after your 4 to 5 minutes, you slide the plate from under the egg and it all drops on top of itself.  I have used bagel thins and lunch meat and it works pretty well so you could use this for that as well.  Where it won’t help you is if you start getting too crazy with your bread selection, you really can’t vary too much from the English muffin size of bread, for traditional slices of bread, you will need a panini maker, my friend (which I do love as well).

Overall,  I love this gadget and to top it all off, it is tiny and super easy to wipe down!  If you love a good English muffin sandwich in the morning, I would say it is worth the money.  I will even make 10 while I am doing other things, assembly line style, and wrap them for the week for me and my hubby.  Hell, I might even splurge during the next Prime Day and get the double sandwich maker!!


For those of you curious on the Weight Watchers points using the Freestyle program, here is what I did:

Healthy Life English Muffin – 2 Pt.

1 slice Jones Dairy Canadian Bacon – 0 Pt.

2 medium eggs (you could use 1 large or whatever you like, it doesn’t change the points) – 0 Pt.

1 slice Velveeta Singles – 1 Pt.

Going this route will give you a hearty 3 point breakfast.  You could trade out the Canadian Bacon for a real bacon slice (1 PT.) or add some veggies like spinach or sautéed mushrooms to it, you could go crazy with this little gadget as long as still with a smaller bread like an English muffin!

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